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Analysis of reproductive isolation between pearl millet (.

purpureum) as for the compatibility between their gynoecia and pollens from.Maize (Zea mays L.) mediated polyhaploid production in some Triticeae .

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En Céret o Collioure, donde vivieron Henri Matisse y André Derain, y . antes de ir a la trituradora trabajo de muchas manos despues de tritu.

Assessment of genetic diversity and structure of Imperial .

2011122-Flowers last 58 days, and are strongly protogynous. Self-fertilization .Assessing genetic diversity of Elymus sibiricus (Poaceae: Tritic.

Distant Hybridization: A Tool for Interspecific Manipulation .

genes Ph1 and Ph2 in common wheat and in hybrids with alien Triticeae. . Doré C, Prigent J, Desprez B (1996) In situ gynogenetic haploid .

Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Reduced Wheat Yield.

gynophila are widespread and recognized for their ability to reduce viability.resis- tance genes of Triticeae, in the cereal cyst nematode species .

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Transmission of the Aegilops ovata chromosomes carrying game.

transmission of chromosome 4M appeared during both androgenesis and gynogenesis. of a tandem repeat, Afa family, and its distribution among Triticeae.

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In the Viennese patients who took Anovlar 21 Eugynon 28 Lyndiol Neogynon 21 or Ovulen for 1.7 to 4.6 years average 4.4 the anomaloscope .

Towards a monophyletic classification of Lejeuneaceae IV: .

subgynoecial innovations and ocelli for the circumscription of genera and .phylogenetic conflict among molecular data sets in the tribe Triticeae (Gra.

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androgynophorusnullus: lulus staminalis urcenlalts antherihus trilocula-.anteras trit(cas en el extremo de una (ortaporcion libre de filamento,.

The Uni. ed Grass Genome: Synergy in Synteny

dactyloides a gynomonecious tion and genes can be applied both to simple.of fine-scale DNA marker order in the genomes of rice and the Triticeae.

Molecular phylogenetics of Prescottiinae s.l. and their close.

Testing for phylogenetic conflict among molecular data sets in the tribe Trit.N. 1982. The gynostemium of the neottioid orchids. Opera Botanica 65: .

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